The Picnic Board

This work-in-progress Picnic Board was inspired by work done by Netherlands design and build company Snijlab, specifically their design of a living hinge. What’s a living hinge? Its when the hinge is designed into one part rather than having a separate parts fulfilling the hinge function. It’s often seen in products like plastic lunch boxes with attached lids, the hinge part is designed to be thin enough to bend without breaking, while the rest of the product is fairly rigid.

In plywood, carefully designed cuts with a laser cutter can transform a rigid material like plywood into something that can bend. Leather straps form the handles and help reinforce the hinge. With a few more design iterations on the hinge, they may not be necessary. RedlineDM’s YouTube video provided a handy guide for selecting the size of the cuts on the hinges.  Choose your poison and hit the sticks, this design is available for free in our Ponoko showroom.

picnic board empty

picnic board close up small


picnic board side small

picnic board cheese small