How to 3D print: A crash course

Have you heard about 3D printing? Sure you have! You’ve heard about 3D printed kidneys, 3D printed chocolate, and 3d printed parts for your car! You’ve heard how in the future, we will all own a 3D printer, and instead of buying “things” we will just buy a 3D file and make them at home! […]

The Wake Up Product: Problem Statement

Are you one of those people that has no problem waking up in the morning? Your alarm rings and overjoyed, you spring out of bed refreshed from your 8.0 hours of sleep and start your routine without a hint of a grumble. Do you even exist? I’m definitely not one of those people. There has not […]

fusion360 review

Fusion360 Review: 3D Modelling for the people

Fusion360 Review – I was introduced to Fusion360 through the Engineer vs Designer podcast, which one of the hosts casually included in a list of maker accessible 3D modelling software suites. I gave it a Google, watched the 2 minute pitch video and well, I drink the Koolaid on this one. The tutorials are extensive and […]